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How to Choose a Sober Living Home in South Carolina

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When you leave rehab, you may feel many different emotions. You may feel excited, anxious, confident, hesitant–or some combination of these things depending on the day.

Leaving rehab and plunging right back into your daily routine can be overwhelming. After the safe, structured routine of your rehab program, day-to-day life can feel hectic and stressful. You may not always feel confident in your ability to face your triggers. Staying active in recovery is important after you complete rehab–but it can be hard to find the right activities to help you stay focused on sobriety.

People who want a little more support as they re-enter their lives after rehab may benefit from spending time in a sober living home. In the supportive setting of sober living in South Carolina, people have a chance to practice sobriety with the support of their peers.

What is Sober Living in South Carolina Like?

First, it is important to understand what a sober living home is. It is not a highly-structured environment like rehab. It is not another level of treatment. Instead, sober living offers people a safe, stable place to live where they will be surrounded by others in recovery. Unlike rehab, people are free to come and go as they please. They may work, volunteer, or socialize normally–as long as they are following the house rules.

Sober living homes are accredited and/or licensed by the state they are in, meaning that they operate under strict guidelines for safety and security. All sober living homes have a zero-tolerance policy around drugs and alcohol–in most cases, this extends even to prescription medications.

Sober living communities require their residents to follow rules and guidelines that keep the house safe. Staff members can help the residents find work, manage finances, or stay engaged in addiction recovery by connecting them to local resources.

For many people, the balance of rules and freedom allows them the chance to practice recovery in their daily life while getting the support they need. Sober living in South Carolina is second to none. The climate, serene location, and active recovery community make South Carolina the perfect place to continue your recovery journey.

Steps to Choose the Right Sober Living in South Carolina

It is important to feel confident about your choice in sober living homes. Before you join a sober living community, follow these steps to help you make the best, most informed decision.

  1. Do your research: Search for sober living homes that have a good reputation in the community.
  2. Visit: Looking at pictures online is one thing, but visiting the sober living home will give you a better sense of how it might feel to call it home.
  3. Learn about the rules: Talk to the staff about what rules you will be required to follow. Make sure they seem reasonable to you–but keep in mind that their rules are designed to keep the residents safe and sober.
  4. Learn about the staff: Find out what education and training the staff need to provide support services.
  5. Look for flexibility: Can you stay as long as you’d like, or is there a limit to the amount of time you’ll be allowed to stay?
  6. Figure out financing: How much do you need to pay and what payment options do they offer?
  7. Look at the details: Is the home run down or dirty? Do they have strict admissions criteria? Do they offer routine drug screening? Paying attention to the small details can help you get a sense of what it might be like to live there.

Sober living is a beneficial step towards lifelong recovery from addiction, but it is important to choose the home that meets your needs and fits your personality. Visit the home, talk to the staff, and ask all the questions you have so that you can feel confident in your choice.

Who Benefits From Sober Living?

Deciding to spend some time in a sober living home in South Carolina will affect your chances of staying sober after rehab. For many people, the extra support that a sober living home provides is exactly what they need to work towards lifelong recovery from addiction.

Living in a sober home is especially good for people who do not feel comfortable jumping back into their old routines. This can happen for many reasons. People may feel as though they did not have enough time in treatment. Because of insurance issues or limits on how much time people can take off work to get treatment, some people complete a program but do not feel like they got exactly what they needed out of it. They may feel that they have learned the skills but aren’t quite ready to practice them in real life.

Other people may not have a safe, stable home to return to after rehab. In this case, a sober living home can be a good bridge between the stability of rehab and their next home. And because many sober living homes offer recovery support services, it meets the needs of people who need help finding stable housing.

Sober living provides an opportunity to continue receiving support and living in a structured setting while easing back into your daily routine. For many, it is the perfect choice after leaving rehab.

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