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What Happens on Your First Day of Rehab in South Carolina?

Medically Verified: 2/1/24

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If you have made the leap of enrolling in an addiction treatment program in South Carolina, you may feel nervous about what to expect on your first day of rehab and how you can prepare for your journey. In general, your first day will be fairly easy. You are simply expected to check in, go through the intake motions, and get settled into the rehab facility. Here’s what you can expect upon starting rehab.

Checking Into a South Carolina Rehab on Your First Day

The check-in or intake process begins as soon as you make a phone call to an admissions counselor and verify your insurance. During this phone call, the admissions counselor will give you an admissions date on which you are scheduled to arrive or be transported by a staff member to the rehab facility.

When you arrive at a South Carolina rehab center, the first thing that will happen is a baggage and personal items check. Before arriving, you should have received a list outlining what you should bring to rehab. On your first day, a staff member will go through your items to make sure you didn’t bring in any prohibited items. This is to ensure the safety of yourself and others at the treatment facility. Any prohibited items will be confiscated and dealt with appropriately.

After the search, you will have to sign and fill out some paperwork. This paperwork is usually asking for your consent to treatment as well as asking you to comply with the rules of the facility.

Learning The Rules and Getting Settled In

Once you’re done checking in, a staff member will take you on a tour and meet-and-greet on your first day of rehab. You will meet other staff members, clinicians, and patients. You will be shown around the facility as well as to your living space so you can get settled in. Depending on the time of day, you may have a couple of hours to relax and unpack in your room.

As you tour the facility, you will also learn more about how the treatment center operates and what rules you are expected to follow. This is a great time to ask any questions you may have.

A Comprehensive Medical and Psychiatric Evaluation

Next on the agenda is a comprehensive medical and psychiatric evaluation. You will meet with the clinical team and a psychiatrist to go over your medical history, current symptoms, history of substance abuse, current medications, and any other concerns you may have.

A doctor may also conduct a brief physical, draw your blood, and collect a urine sample. All of this information is used to create a custom-made treatment plan that addresses your specific needs. This is an extremely important part of your first day at a rehab center because it helps determine the course of treatment ahead of you.

Meet Your Primary Therapist

Once the clinical team has gained a thorough understanding of your background, beliefs, goals, and treatment needs, you will be assigned to a primary therapist. Your therapist may be a licensed social worker, licensed mental health counselor, or certified drug and alcohol counselor. Although the treatment facility may have many therapists, this is the person you will meet with on an individual basis each week to monitor your treatment progress. This person may also facilitate small group therapies to you and the same group of patients a couple of times a week.

Your primary therapist will track your progress, help you address underlying issues, and make sure you stay on the right track in recovery. On your first day, you may have the opportunity to meet your primary rehab therapist and begin getting to know them.

Join Afternoon Group Therapy

If there is still time left in the day, you may be invited to join the afternoon therapy session. Afternoons usually involve some form of group therapy. However, since it is your first day in treatment, you won’t be required to participate or do any intensive work. It is expected for you to be nervous and need some time to adjust to a new environment, so you will be welcomed to join therapy sessions and participate if you feel up to it.

Enroll in a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program in South Carolina Today

Going to an inpatient rehab center in South Carolina can be intimidating. You may experience a variety of difficult emotions that you were previously numbing with the use of drugs and alcohol. You may also feel homesick, dope sick, or even resentful at the fact that you are having to give up substance abuse.

It’s important to remember that although your first day in rehab can feel overwhelming, it is the first step towards a happier and healthier life. As time goes on, staying sober will get easier, and every day won’t be as challenging as your first.

Here at South Carolina Addiction Treatment, we aim to cultivate a compassionate and healing environment that welcomes people of all walks of life. We promise to do everything in our power to help you feel safe and comfortable while staying at our facility. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction and ready to make a change, pick up the phone and call us today.