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What to Expect During a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) in South Carolina

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People who develop addiction are at risk of many harmful consequences to their physical and mental health. Left untreated, addiction can be destructive to people’s health, safety, and relationships. Many people require professional addiction treatment to safely stop using substances and learn how to live a healthy, sober lifestyle for the rest of their lives.

Choosing to start treatment can be life-changing. Deciding where to seek treatment can be overwhelming. Many substance abuse treatment facilities offer several levels of care that can meet people’s different treatment needs.

The level of care someone requires depends on several factors. These factors include the length and severity of their addiction, their treatment history, their mental health and medical needs, and other personal and environmental considerations.

Addiction treatment is offered in a variety of settings. Some people require the structure and intensity of an inpatient or residential treatment program. Others can get the treatment they need in an outpatient program. For people whose needs are not met in inpatient or outpatient programs, partial hospitalization programs (PHPs) offer a balance between these two levels of care.

If you or a loved one require addiction treatment or support during any stage of recovery, reach out to the staff at South Carolina Addiction Treatment for information about our rehab programs.

What Happens in a PHP in South Carolina?

Each person in addiction treatment has different needs, so treatment plans are tailored and adapted as necessary. Generally, addiction treatment consists of a combination of evidence-based practices and holistic treatments. These include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group support
  • Education about addiction
  • Skills practice
  • Family therapy
  • Medication management
  • Holistic therapies–exercise, recreation, yoga, acupuncture, art, music, nutrition counseling, and other healing practices
  • Medical and mental health treatment
  • Aftercare planning

Partial hospitalization programs can range in length depending on a person’s needs. They can be as short as 2 or 3 weeks but can be longer if someone requires more time in this level of care. Generally, people in a PHP spend 4-6 hours in treatment on 5-6 days per week, but this can vary widely between facilities.

Understanding the Benefits of a Partial Hospitalization Program

Recovery from addiction takes an ongoing commitment to living a healthy, sober lifestyle. Any kind of addiction treatment program requires a big investment of time and energy. The rewards of getting the help you need to overcome addiction make the often challenging process of detox and treatment worth it.

A PHP offers many benefits to people in this level of care. Some of the most important benefits include:

  • Staying close to your family and support network
  • Continuing to live at home while receiving treatment
  • Ability to stay engaged at work, school, and at home
  • Freedom to stay active in your hobbies
  • Often more affordable than inpatient or residential care
  • More freedom to choose how to spend your time outside treatment activities

Participating in a partial hospitalization program in South Carolina gives people the chance to get the high-quality treatment and support they need without having to live away from their families and daily activities. For many, it is a good choice as a first treatment option or to help them transition after completing an inpatient program.

Who is Appropriate for a Partial Hospitalization Program?

Your doctor or addiction professionals will help determine which level of care you require to overcome your addiction. Generally, a PHP is appropriate for people who need a high level of care but do not need to live in the facility during treatment. This includes:

  • People who have stable, safe housing
  • Those without serious medical or mental health needs that require 24-hour supervision
  • People who do not experience constant cravings
  • People with adequate support at home or in the community
  • Someone who has completed a higher level of care

It is also important that people in a PHP are aware of and able to avoid relapse triggers. A person who lives with people who are using drugs may be at a greater risk for relapse than someone who does not. Similarly, someone who cannot get themselves to and from their daily appointments might not succeed in a partial hospitalization program. If a person has had repeated failed attempts at outpatient or PHP treatment, they may require the round-the-clock supervision of a residential or inpatient program.

Learn More About the Partial Hospitalization Program at South Carolina Addiction Treatment

If you or someone you love requires treatment for addiction or a substance use disorder, reach out to the staff at South Carolina Addiction Treatment. We offer carefully designed, adaptable programs that give people the skills and support they need to overcome addiction so that they can live the healthy life they choose.

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