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Our Treatment Programs

Our team is comprised of doctors, clinicians, therapists, mentors, and recovery coaches with decades of experience in the field. South Carolina Addiction Treatment is lucky to have some of the most qualified and personal experienced addiction specialists in the country. We pride ourselves on carefully selecting men and women who are not only thoroughly informed and knowledgeable about addiction, but also those who have personally experienced the trials and blessings of recovery themselves. Our comprehensive, compassionate and unique treatment helps build a foundation for a healthy recovery and sober future. Clients at South Carolina Addiction Treatment undergo a personalized journey through one of our highly effective treatment programs. They’re specifically assigned to licensed mental health counselors, certified addiction professionals or master-level therapists who not only specializes in the issues they’re facing but is paired with them based on their needs. And clients experience the warmth and compassion of an entire staff that cares deeply about their success.

Medical Detox Program

The way you start your journey to recovery will impact how you progress in sobriety. Our goal is to make the detox process as painless and comfortable as possible to leave patients energized and ready to excel in treatment.

South Carolina Addiction Treatment offers a drug or alcohol detox program that minimizes withdrawal symptoms and maximizes patient success.

We want you to achieve sustainable sobriety, and we want you to do it in a way that doesn’t put your health at risk. Whether you’re looking for an alcohol detox, drug detox, heroin detox, or opiate detox, know that we offer something unique: a fully accredited, licensed, professionally staffed, medical detox facility located in Greenville / Simpsonville, South Carolina. Our medical detox center in South Carolina, provides custom designed, physician-approved medical detox procedures supervised around the clock by medical professionals dedicated to your recovery. Our board-certified doctors and nurses provide immediate treatment in case problems arise, administer therapies and medications to alleviate severe withdrawal symptoms and collaborate with therapists to form the first stages of your long-term, personalized recovery plan.

Residential Treatment Program

Inpatient rehabilitation has the highest long-term success rates. During this phase of treatment patients receive more intensive individual and group counseling sessions. South Carolina Addiction Treatment keeps our groups small to make sure that everyone gets the most out of the therapy. Our residential program is highly structured, offering a minimum of 8 hours of daily programming. Developing insight and understanding into the disease of addiction, the psychological triggers, and the recovery process provide the foundation for our residential treatment program. The length of treatment depends on what substance was being abused, the severity of the addiction, if the patient has been through rehab before, and if they have any co-occurring/mental health disorders. We will work with them to determine what is the best options for them to ensure they fully recover from their addiction with the capability of maintaining their sobriety. The safe environment at South Carolina Addiction Treatment allows patients freedom from outside triggers so that they have a chance to learn what those are and prepare themselves to deal with them once they are sober. We teach them the tools they need to overcome their addiction and start a better life. We know first hand the success of patients who have the additional benefit of family involvement and support in treatment. Which is why we offer family support therapy, this helps rebuild any trust that may have been lost. Families are some of the most influential members of the support team after the addiction treatment for the recovering individual. Let us help them not only get back on track, but design and improve the quality of their life.