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How to Find an Addiction Treatment Center in South Carolina that is In-Network With Your Insurance

Medically Verified: 2/1/24

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Thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA), all health insurance carriers–both private and public–must provide coverage and benefits for mental and behavioral health treatment. This means whether your insurance is through your job, the Healthcare Marketplace, or a private company, your benefits must extend to cover addiction treatment services.

Paying for rehab with insurance is the most affordable way to go to treatment. However, not every drug rehab center in South Carolina accepts every health insurance plan. To get the most out of your insurance benefits, you’ll need to find a drug rehab center that is in-network with your insurance carrier. An in-network drug rehab facility will work with your insurance to make sure you get the most coverage possible.

Out-of-Network vs. In-Network Insurance Benefits

There are two primary types of health insurance plans: Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans and Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans.

PPOs do not require a referral from a primary care provider before they will grant coverage for treatment services. PPOs may provide minimal coverage when you choose an out-of-network rehab center. However, the best rates are obtained by choosing a provider who is in the PPO’s network.

HMOs, on the other hand, typically do require referrals. They also require their insured members to receive care from in-network facilities in order to obtain insurance coverage.

Whether you have a PPO or an HMO, choosing an in-network addiction treatment facility is the best way to make sure your insurance covers the most services and costs possible. In-network drug rehab centers have made deals with your insurance carrier to provide services at a discounted rate to covered members. Out-of-network facilities may be able to provide you with care, however, the costs are not guaranteed to be covered by your insurance.

Depending on the details of your individual plan, your insurance may cover between 50-80% of the costs at an in-network treatment program.

How to Find an In-Network Drug Rehab Program in South Carolina

Dealing with health insurance can be confusing, overwhelming, and even time-consuming. Still, working with your insurance is vital to making sure you can afford the treatment you deserve. There are two primary ways you can find an addiction treatment center in South Carolina that is in-network with your insurance.

  1. Speak with an insurance agent – It’s always a good idea to start by contacting your insurance carrier. Flip over the back of your insurance card to locate your agent’s phone number and your plan ID number. Provide the insurance agent with your plan ID number and answer any identification questions they may ask. The insurance agent will be able to give you a list of in-network addiction treatment centers in your area. He or she can also discuss your coverage and benefits with you so you have a better idea of what services will and won’t be covered. If you are unable to reach an agent, you can log in to your insurance company’s website to see if they have a list of in-network medical centers available.
  2. Verify your insurance with the rehab provider of your choice – Whether you’ve spoken with your insurance agent already or not, it’s also a good idea to verify your insurance benefits with the drug and alcohol rehab provider of your choice. When you call the treatment center you are interested in, an admissions coordinator can take your information, look into your insurance policy, and explain your coverage to you. If the rehab center does not accept your insurance, the admissions coordinator should be able to point you towards a treatment center that does.

Verify your health insurance coverage by speaking with an admissions coordinator at South Carolina Addiction Treatment today.

What Addiction Treatment Services Will My Insurance Cover?

Exactly what is covered by your insurance plan will vary depending on your plan type, your deductible, your co-pays and co-insurance, and the cost of the rehab facility. However, most insurance carriers will provide coverage for the following treatment services at an in-network drug rehab facility:

Services that may not be covered include:

  • Optional services such as acupuncture, chiropractic, or yoga
  • Sober living
  • Alumni events
  • Recovery coaching

Find an In-Network Drug Rehab Center in South Carolina Today

When you decide it’s time to get sober, you may have a lot of things to worry about and a lot of anxieties running through your head. The last thing you want to worry about is your insurance coverage. Fortunately, our dedicated admissions counselors can help you locate an addiction treatment center in South Carolina that is in-network with your insurance policy.

Don’t wait any longer to get the help you deserve. Contact us today to verify your insurance and begin your recovery journey.