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What Types of Outpatient Programs are Available in South Carolina?

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Deciding to attend professional addiction treatment is one of the best decisions an individual will make in their life. However, this decision comes with a lot of thought and preparation. There are many different types of addiction treatment programs to choose from, with most programs falling into one of two categories: inpatient or outpatient programs. Inpatient programs require patients to live at the facility full-time. Outpatient programs allow more flexibility and comfort, as patients are allowed to live at home.

In South Carolina, there are three different types of outpatient programs to choose from. These include partial hospitalization programs (PHP), intensive outpatient programs (IOP), and outpatient programs (OP). Each form of outpatient program offers a different level of intensity and flexibility so patients can recover while living their lives.

Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP)

Partial hospitalization programs are the highest level of outpatient addiction treatment offered. This form of treatment combines inpatient and outpatient program techniques to provide a high level of treatment intensity while allowing the patients to continue living their lives outside of treatment.[1] During the day, patients will attend substance abuse treatment in a structured setting similar to inpatient treatment.

PHP is a blend of structure and flexibility, meaning the patient’s days will be structured while their evenings will be free. The daily schedule will vary from center to center, however, most programs have daily sessions anywhere from two to five days a week.

The Benefits of PHP

Outpatient PHP programs are not meant for everyone, however, they provide certain benefits that cannot be ignored. Individuals who are recovering from a severe addiction that have outside obligations like work, school, or children would benefit most from PHP treatment.

The main benefits of PHP include:

  • A smooth transition from inpatient to outpatient treatment
  • Regular interaction with medical and behavioral health specialists
  • Personalized behavioral health care
  • Affordable treatment when compared to inpatient programs
  • Flexible schedules that allow patients to meet their outside commitments such as work, school, or taking care of children

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP)

Intensive outpatient programs are structured but less strict than PHP programs. Many people attend IOPs after completing a PHP program because they would like to continue a form of structured treatment before transitioning to a more flexible outpatient program.[2] The IOP level of care is ideal for individuals with a safe home environment. Additionally, individuals who are juggling work or family commitments should consider attending an intensive outpatient program.

While the amount of behavioral therapy and other aspects of treatment will vary, individuals can expect anywhere from 9 to 20 hours of individual and group therapy per week. Even though IOPs are less intensive than PHPs, patients will still receive the same evidence-based therapies and treatments needed to recover from addiction.

The Benefits of IOP

Individuals who are looking for a structured form of addiction treatment that allows for more time to work and take care of their family should consider attending an IOP. Because these programs typically involve 9 to 20 hours of treatment time each week, patients can still maintain a full-time job or take care of their young children.

Additional benefits of IOP programs include:

  • More addiction recovery support before transitioning to a more flexible program
  • Opportunities to strengthen family relationships
  • Receiving treatment while maintaining privacy
  • Being able to keep a job to support a family
  • Maintaining daily or weekly routines outside of treatment
  • Receiving help and support from family members and friends
  • Less expensive costs than PHP programs

Outpatient Programs (OP)

The least intensive treatment option is an outpatient program. This type of program is ideal for individuals with mild addictions or people who have already completed higher levels of substance abuse treatment.[3] OPs are flexible enough to schedule them around your weekly commitments. Rather than having designated treatment times, outpatient care allows patients to engage in treatment during more flexible hours such as nights or weekends.

Outpatient programs in South Carolina still utilize evidence-based behavioral therapies like PHP and IOP programs. However, therapy sessions happen on a less frequent basis. Patients also receive more life-based services to help them adjust to living without structured addiction treatment. This may include life skills education, identity, and personality discussions, as well as conversations about family roles and structures.

The Benefits of OP

People who have mild to moderate substance use disorders are best suited for OPs, as this is the least structured form of addiction treatment. Individuals struggling with severe addictions should only attend an OP after completing higher levels of addiction treatment.

The benefits of outpatient programs include the following:

  • Lowest cost of any type of addiction treatment program
  • Flexible hours that allows patients to keep their job or maintain a family throughout the day
  • Access to family, as outpatient services typically occur in the evening hours

Attend an Outpatient Program for Addiction Recovery in South Carolina

Outpatient programs in South Carolina utilize evidence-based therapies while providing patients with the flexibility to live their lives outside of treatment. Individuals who struggle with addiction but need to continue working or caring for their families should consider attending a form of outpatient addiction treatment. At South Carolina Addiction Treatment, we offer every type of outpatient care, including PHP, IOP, and OP. Contact us today for more information on how to get started.