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Pros and Cons of Going to a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center Near You

Medically Verified: 2/1/24

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There are many factors that contribute to the success of your recovery, like how dedicated you are and what kind of treatment program you attend. Most programs utilize the same evidence-based practices that have been proven effective time and time again. However, the location of your rehab might play a part in how successful you are in sobriety.

When it comes to the location of your rehab, you have two choices: go to a drug and alcohol rehab near you or travel out of state. Making this decision can be difficult because there are pros and cons to consider for each option.

What are the Pros of Going to a Local Rehab?

Choosing where to go to rehab can be difficult, especially when you have never gone to treatment before. However, attending a rehab near you can provide you with a lot of benefits. From having an already established support network to not having to worry about travel costs, sometimes choosing a local rehab is the best option.

Benefits of a drug and alcohol rehab near you include:


The first and most obvious benefit of going to rehab close to home is the cost of treatment. Going to a rehab center near you is significantly more cost-effective than traveling. Transportation to an out-of-state rehab can become extremely expensive.

Additionally, you will want the treatment center and local medical care offices to accept your insurance. Most of the time, insurance is based on location. If you live in South Carolina, your insurance plan is most likely to cover medical costs at a South Carolina rehab center.

When you are going to addiction treatment, you want it to cost as little as possible. Having a safety net of money to work with when you complete rehab is important because you will need to obtain safe housing. Also, finding a job can take some time, so having some money left in your savings account is always a good idea.

Established Support Network

When you attend a local rehab program, you will already have an established network of support to lean on. One of the most important aspects of addiction recovery is peer support. Being near your friends and loved ones can provide you with the love and care you need during tough times.

Addiction treatment can be emotionally exhausting. Going through therapy and discussing past traumas can take a toll on you mentally. Because of this, having your family close by can really help you gain perspective on why you entered rehab in the first place, pushing you to keep going even when it gets tough.

More Continuum of Care Options

When you search for a drug and alcohol rehab near you, it is easier to find additional treatment programs. To explain, some people opt for a continuum of care that includes medical detox, residential treatment, and outpatient rehab. During outpatient rehab, you may not be guaranteed housing, so going to outpatient rehab out-of-state may be unrealistic. But when you live in the area, you can participate in a full continuum of care.

What are the Cons of Going to a Rehab Close to Home?

While going to rehab close to home can be extremely beneficial, it’s not the best choice for everyone. Sometimes traveling to an out-of-state rehab can provide you with the fresh start you need to begin a new way of life. Going to a local rehab could mean more distractions and triggers, making it harder for you to quit.

Some pitfalls of going to a drug and alcohol rehab near you include:

Drug Triggers and Distractions

If you go to rehab close to home, that means that you will also be near the people, places, and things related to your drug abuse. While this may not be an issue for some people, sometimes being near triggers can cause you to relapse or at least fantasize about relapsing. For example, if your rehab is right near a corner you used to buy drugs at, that may prove to become a problem for your recovery process.

Easier to Quit

Addiction treatment can be extremely difficult, especially during the detox stage. The drug and alcohol cravings can be intense, causing you to want to quit treatment altogether. Being near your home can make quitting treatment early much easier.

To explain, when you are near your home you are also near your friends with whom you used to abuse substances. One quick phone call and you could be getting picked up by one of those friends and heading towards a relapse.

Less Anonymous

Lastly, going to local rehab near your home can be a privacy issue. If you are afraid of people finding out that you are in a treatment center, it may be best to find an out-of-state rehab. You could know people who work in the industry, or simply run into someone when you go on a chaperoned grocery store run with your facility.

Find a Reputable Drug and Alcohol Rehab Near You

Choosing the right addiction treatment program is a highly personal decision that you shouldn’t have to make alone. South Carolina Addiction Treatment has a team of qualified admissions coordinators available 24/7 to assess your situation, verify your insurance, and help you choose the right rehab center for you.

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